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Enable gives Birtley Group increased data visibility

50 years of expertize
25000 tonnes of steel
400m revenue

Birtley Group is home to three of the UK construction industry’s most trusted names: Birtley, Bowater Doors and Expamet. All three brands work side-by-side within the group, each continuing to develop and market its own well-established range of products. Sitting alongside the brands is Birtley Galvanizing, known in the market as one of Europe’s most modern galvanizing, powder coating and shot blasting plants. It offers services to a variety of industries from artists to street furniture manufacturers. 

We sat down with Andrew Ashworth, IT Manager at Birtley Group, to discuss his experience with processing rebates, why they were looking for a solution and why they chose to partner with Enable.

Enable supports collaboration with our internal teams and customers

Andrew says, “In the past, our rebates were managed on spreadsheets that were built in-house, which inherently has led to them being quite labor-intensive and creating an inefficient process. This made it harder for us to collaborate with our colleagues, our sales reps out on the road, and with our customers. We knew an off the shelf solution like Enable would streamline this.”

Why Enable?

Andrew says, “Well, we felt that Enable is a great off-the-shelf solution used by our industry. We know it can provide the services that we need to be able to give us the data for our rebates, both for ourselves and for our customers allowing us to deal with them more efficiently. We’re also excited to have the ability to analyze the sales data that we’ll get through our contract support or claim back system when that comes online, rather than just spending a lot of time inputting data. We want to be able to use this not just for our own gains, but for our customers too.”

The benefits of Enable are clear

Andrew explains, “As the years have gone by really it’s become more and more obvious that we need a better solution to be able to integrate with our suppliers and collaborate with their parts of the terms, the deals, the sales data. We thought it would be great if we could all access the same data and have a common source of information, really for all the parties. So, a few months ago we contacted Enable and just had a chat really about the issues that we’re having. The benefit Enable could provide became obvious, the ability to bring all our deals into one system rather than having to build one ourselves. We also saw that there’s a huge potential with our claim back or a contract support part of the system as well, and not just for Birtley Group but also for all of our customers.”