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Create a password

As a new user of Enable, you will be sent a welcome email inviting you to create a password and start using the software. This welcome email will contain a URL via which you will be able to set your password by entering it twice into the fields provided.

Our system will allow you to set your password in this way, provided the two instances of the password entry are identical and the length, format, and content of the new password are such that it meets Enable’s password strength rules as follows:

  • A password must be at least 10 characters long;
  • Your password must not be your email address;
  • The password must not be on a large list of common passwords or blacklisted passwords;
  • The password must be distinct from some client related names such as the Enable website name.

The security of the password is maintained by enforcing a larger minimum password length. Each extra character required increases the minimum number of possible password choices for a user by a factor of the number of available characters. Protection against guessing passwords, in this case, is given by the last two rules. For more information, please see our password policy.

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