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Configuring client divisions

Client divisions allow multiple divisions of a business to be represented in a single channel within the Trading Programs app. These divisions can be used to ensure that users are only able to access the program lines which apply to their division(s).

Client divisions can be enabled for your channel by a member of the Enable team. In order to configure client divisions within your channel, a dimension must be chosen for which its dimension items are grouped by division. This dimension must be at the client level (i.e. the dimension items must belong to the business). For example, a 'Branches' dimension may be configured at the client-level, in which some branches belong to Division A and some belong to Division B. An attribute can then be configured for the Branches dimension in order to assign your branches to either Division A or B. This ensures that transactional data which is associated with a particular dimension item, such as a branch, is allocated to the program lines for the correct division(s).

An admin user can then configure your divisions in Config > Structure under the 'Divisions' tab.


An admin user can then also configure which divisions each user in their channel should have access to. To do this, navigate to Config > Users and select a user. In the right panel there is a setting for 'Client division access', which can either be configured as 'All client divisions' or 'Selected client divisions'. If 'Selected client divisions' is chosen then the individual divisions which a user should have access to can be selected.


Once the client divisions and user permissions have been configured, a program line can then be assigned to one or more divisions from the program line edit page by selecting 'Permitted client divisions' and adding the relevant divisions. Only users which have permission to access the program lines for the selected division(s) will then be able to view this program line. Similarly, only users who have permission to the selected division(s) will have the authority to sign off programs when running through the approval workflow process.


If you would like to discuss client divisions further, please book an appointment with a member of our Customer Success team.

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