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Composing and receiving messages

Composing messages

If you wish to compose a new message, open the Messages app and select the backlog between the three available. If you're unsure of which backlog to use, click here for more information.


Here you may read through old message threads and respond to them (if you have permission). Filters can be used to search for specific threads and messages.


To start a new thread click the 'Post something new' button located in the bottom left hand corner of the page. You will be prompted to select the recipients – a recipient may be a specific user or a full organization. Messages can be sent to multiple recipients, who will all have access to the message thread.


After selecting the recipients, use the title to describe the purpose of your message. When composing a message from within a particular trading program or program line, an example title will be added automatically. This title will, by default, contain a reference to the trading program or program line in question, but can be edited as needed. If you're composing a message from the Messages app itself, you will need to manually input a title.

Compose a message and add any attachments that may be necessary. When you're done composing a message, click the save button.


Receiving messages

When you have received a message, an email will appear in the your inbox. The email will contain the title of the Message, but not the body of text.


Click on the Messages icon, which will redirect you to the Enable login screen. Login to view and respond to the message. After you've written a response, don't forget to click the save button. Upon doing so,an email will be sent to the recipient.

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