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Communication channels within Messages

We have created three different tiles to group communication with your trading partners: Finance & Commercial, Marketing Planning and Product Information.


We envisage the main use of Messages as a hub where team members can view historic and active communications with their trading partners, where interactions are purposeful with a clear call to action, and where information can be stored long-term. Messages is separated into three backlogs, each with its own purpose.

The types of communication that you might use the Finance & Commercial backlogs for are:

  • Compliance documentation
  • Trading terms negotiation
  • Price lists and price changes
  • Warranty claims and returns
  • Service level information / periodic KPI submissions
  • Invoice matching and rebate settlement queries
  • Customer feedback

The types of communication that you might use the Marketing & Planning backlogs for are:

  • Marketing activity planning, approval and collateral
  • Sales opportunities and market intelligence
  • Demand planning information

The types of communication that you might use the Product Information for are:

  • New product introductions
  • Product documentation and web links
  • Technical product and installation advice
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