CEO of Enable, Andrew Butt was recently interviewed by Alex Ferguson from UpTech Report. They dive deep into upcoming technologies which already are, or will shortly be, disrupting our lives.

In this edition of UpTech Report, Andrew Butt, talks about how so much of our economy is comprised of an interdependency between companies. Whether you think of it as B2B, brand partnerships, or something else, it requires a high level of coordination and cooperation between business plans. Often the mechanisms of cooperation are driven by rebates. If certain metrics are met, rewards are given.

That’s why Andrew started Enable, he noticed there was no software to help track these deals. “Managing all of that was important, but difficult and messy and was being done on Excel spreadsheets, there was a lack of software on the market. So that is where the idea for Enable came from.”

Andrew goes on in more detail about the origins of this idea and how his SaaS product is helping companies untangle the complexities of B2B relationships.