A 10-year work anniversary is a massive achievement and one we want to celebrate here at Enable. After graduating from University of Wales, Aberystwyth with a BSc in Computer Science, Ben worked as an IT technician in two local schools: a large Secondary school and a local Primary school. He spent some of his time there writing software to automate a number of their daily tasks and this confirmed that he wanted to pursue a career in software development and had the drive and knowledge to make this a success.

We sat down with Ben to reflect on 10 years at Enable and discuss the highlights and what’s it’s like to work at a top SaaS company. We want to say a massive congratulations to Ben on his milestone work anniversary and here’s to many more years to come!

As a Lead Engineer, what does your role involve?

In addition to implementing new features within our software, I am responsible for managing the build project, assigning tasks to the rest of the project team, raising, and responding to clarifications from clients and other administration tasks that might arise depending on a specification. Furthermore, I also take part in project planning meetings, code reviews, design planning sessions and deployment activities.

What initially attracted you to work for Enable?

Enable has changed considerably since I joined with regards to staffing levels, global growth and development and the client base. However, it was clear to me early on into my time with Enable, that there was a focus on staff as individuals rather than just a member of a team. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and I soon realised I was comfortable, would thrive and would also contribute to a team with varied skill sets and knowledge.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

The culture and working environment is very friendly and welcoming. Whilst we work in small teams, we often have need to seek input from the wider team and everyone is happy to help. The summer and Christmas parties provide an opportunity to get together and socialise as a whole company (at least they were prior to Covid!). These are funded by the company and are a great way to build friendships with people from other teams. Additionally, Enable respond to the needs expressed by staff. A prime example is the ergonomic Herman MIller Aeron chairs provided to all staff to maximise comfort, therefore productivity. As a staff member, I feel listened to, valued, and heard.

What do you enjoy most about working at Enable?

I get paid to do something I love! I am passionate about programming and automation so being able to spend my days writing code is a dream come true. As a Lead Engineer, I am also motivated by drawing together a team, leading projects and addressing any issues that may arise.

Looking back how has Enable changed over the 10 years?

When I joined, the engineering team was only about 10 people, so we’ve grown significantly. As a company as a whole, we’ve grown even further and are now approaching 150 employees. There have been major changes to the structure of the company over the years, but the culture and ethos has been retained. Not all successful global companies can say the same.

Any learnings from the past 10 years at Enable?

When I started at Enable, I had no real programming experience so I can credit a lot of my current skills to Enable. I have also discovered personal qualities: resilience, the determination to see a project through to the end, positive ways of dealing with unexpected problems that inevitably arise, how to approach more demanding projects, ways to utilise stress in a productive way and the importance of identifying individuals’ skills and drawing on their knowledge and abilities to yield the best results for our clients. To add to this, in this most unprecedented of years, I have learnt that I can be equally as productive at home and have handled and responded to the demands of working from home well. Projects have still been successful; communication levels have been just as high (if not higher), and I have found ways to successfully create a reasonably sustainable work/life balance.

What has been your greatest achievement / best memories in those 10 years?

I am particularly proud of the automation I’ve put in place for getting engineers set up with solutions. This has saved countless hours over the years and ensures that everyone has a consistent development environment which allows us to focus on the actual task rather than battling to get our local machine configured correctly.

What are your biggest hopes for the next decade at Enable?

I hope to progress further in my career and take a step up to become an Engineering Manager. I am also excited to continue the journey as the company continues to grow.

What piece of advice would you give to people looking to secure a career with Enable?

Apply! It does not matter if you do not have experience, if you are passionate and are willing to learn you may still be able to have a career with Enable. In addition to this, as mentioned, Enable value staff as demonstrated by the social events that take place and the fact staff are listened to regarding needs we might have to get the job done successfully. This goes two ways: work hard, remain loyal, be a team member, embrace change regarding the business and technological advancements, as well as the chance for personal progression, and you will be working in a very supportive environment where your skills, talents and personality are championed and nurtured.

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