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Automatic approval workflow

When trading programs are created, they can be submitted for automatic approval workflow according to your organizational hierarchy and processes.

Automatic approval workflow provides a way to automatically invite the correct users to approve or reject a trading program proposal. Once workflow has started, the trading program will be locked and therefore cannot be edited. However, you can ‘stop’ the workflow in order to stop it being progressed further and then ‘unlock’ the trading program to edit it. This will require the re-approval of the trading program.

The workflow is progressed by the system which generates the approval hierarchy, sends email notifications, and accepts approvals online.

The key objectives of the automatic approval workflow are:

  • To drive an efficient approval workflow for new and revised schemes;
  • To ensure that the correct approval workflow is followed at all times;
  • To ensure that the information that is used in Enable to track and collect rebates has been approved internally by you and signed off by your trading partner.

There are different ways to configure your approval workflow based on your organization,  by setting up organizational hierarchy. These configurations will determine who will be invited to the approval process. They can be altered and maintained by any user with client admin access.

You can learn more about starting the approval workflow here, or approving a trading program here.

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