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Archiving trading programs

Archiving trading programs

The accumulation of old, out of use trading programs can create unmanageable clutter and slow down calculations. That’s why it’s possible to archive a trading program directly from the trading program’s page.

This functionality significantly reduces the possibility of accidental trading program deletion by replacing that deletion with an archival system. By limiting the ability to properly delete trading programs to platform and client administrators, archiving improves the validity and stability of your trading programs.

Calculations will not be run on archived trading programs, and they cannot be edited. Archived trading programs can also be filtered out of the single view of Trading Programs, leaving only the most relevant programs visible. Reports can still be run on archived programs to see historic earnings.

Which programs should be archived?

The option to archive will be available to all channels, we recommend archiving all old programs where there are no outstanding rebates to be paid and no open disputes. Remember these can be restored to allow changes to be made later down the line. It is also possible to run reports on archived programs, so there are no downsides to archiving old agreements.

Deleting trading programs is now restricted to client and platform admins only and can be done four at a time from the list view or one at a time from the suppliers tab. It's possible to archive as many programs as you want though.


To archive a trading program, simply select the “Archive” option from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of your page. After confirming, the trading program will be archived and it will become read-only in the UI. For already archived trading programs, the option marked “Archive” will be marked “Restore” and clicking this will reverse the operation. It’s also possible to bulk archive trading programs.

Bulk archiving

It’s possible to bulk archive all of you old trading agreements at once. 

To do this head to the list area of trading programs, click on the filters, then select all trading programs that ended after a cut-off date as shown in the example.

You may select all the trading programs by clicking on the first tick box on the left hand side, or you may select the programs one at a time. Click the ellipses at the bottom and click archive. You'll be asked to verify if this is the correct number of trading programs. If this looks correct then click OK.

You can no longer bulk delete trading programs, you can only bulk archive them.

Viewing archived trading programs 

Archived trading programs will still be viewable in Enable. When viewing trading programs by trading partner, the look of an archived trading program will be different depending on your channel configuration. If you have the option to create interim trading programs, there will be two statuses for each trading program: active, and interim. If there are two red dots beside a trading program, this means that it is neither active nor interim, and is thus archived. 

If, however, you do not have interim trading programs in your channel instance, there will only be one status. Thus, if a trading program is not active, it is archived. 


You can always see the status of a trading program by viewing it and looking in the top right-hand corner, where it will either say Editable, or Archived

Restoring agreements

If you've archived a program accidentally, or would like to make changes to an archived agreement then you may wish to restore the agreement. Do this by searching for the agreement on the list tab, selecting the agreement and clicking the restore button.

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