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Approval workflow inbox

If you have automatic workflow is enabled, then the homepage contains a Workflow Inbox, which lists all of the outstanding workflow approval invitations for the user. This is a list of all trading programs that the user has been invited to provide approval for, but has not yet done so.

Each user who has access to the Deals area will be able to see workflow information for the trading programs that are relevant to them. There is also an Approvals page for each trading program from which users can see all steps in the workflow process.

The user can select a trading program from the Workflow Inbox to view the Approvals page for the trading program, from where they can view the PDF prior to accepting or rejecting the proposal.

If the user chooses to accept the proposal, a customizable declaration will appear that the user must agree to. If they should choose to reject the proposal, then the approvals will be reset.

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